DIRECTOR(S): Colin Strause & Greg Strause

I beleive that “The Brothers Strause”, originally involved with Battle: Los Angeles jumped ship and made this, Skyline, and went on to release it before hand in an attempt to undercut their competition. Well, this underhanded technique pretty much sums up the spirit of this utterly disappointing movie, the first hour of which is a second rate episode of Beverly Hills 90210, with a cast made up of Z list TV actors, with exception of Scubbs star, Donald Faison, but even he still manages to fail miserably in his hard man role.

By the second half of this Alien Invasion wannabe, the action picks up and the bordom levels diminish, slightly. After wasting our time trying to scare us with poorly choreographed and pace-less horror action, the human counter-attack kicks off with Nuclear bombs and aerial dog fights, but even after this improvement it completely scuppers itself in the final act, with one of the most misjudged and preposterous endings that I’ve ever seen!

Avoid, completely. This is total hogwash and saved from one star mediocrity by the passable action in the last 30 minutes, well, 25 if you discount the terrible ending.

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