DIRECTOR: Joel Schumacher

80’s to the extreme, down to Demi Moore’s decidedly pink apartment, another, that looks like a photography studio. But it just struck me that things that you could get away with in the 1980’s that now would just be literally criminal. Andrew McCarthy photographing his secret love, Ally Sheedy behind her back, let alone the ridiculous level of stalking by Emilio Estevez and both come across a loveable characters, as does the coke snorting Moore!

Let alone the cool Rob Lowe who cheats left, right and centre and ends up leaving his ex-wife and child, making the decision that it would not be good for his baby for him to in its life… WHAT!!!!

But these disturbing social changes aside, this was a straight forward coming of age drama, with some quintessential 80’s faces, most of which have now disappeared from view, as it follows a group of seven friends who by the end seem to agree that friendship is te most import thing… Awwwww

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