DIRECTOR: Edward Neumeier


Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

May Contain Spoilers!

Back in 1998, I LOVED Paul Verhoeven’s Starship Troopers; The savvy Sci-Fi metaphor about fascism and an excuse to have loads of gross out bug action and slaughter. But as the its sequels were straight to DVD efforts, I wasn’t keen to have the greatness of the original tarnished.

So I caught this on TV earlier this week, and I was happier with this one in principle that I expected, because at least it returned Casper Van Dien to the leading role spot, though I’m not a fan of him in particular, it was just nice to have some of the original cast back. They needn’t have bothered. He is a TOTAL waste of time as an actor. But, this was a poor sequel as well.

It played out more like a bog standard Sci-Fi channel movie, with sledgehammer metaphors and no fun or epic scale, compared to the original. The bugs didn’t do or appear half as much as they should and Star Trek: Enterprise’s, Jolene Blalock also proves her lack of range, playing a caricatured female soldier, whilst several if the key characters sing hymns in an effort to show how religion taking over the fascist Federation.

This reminded me much more of the 1952 classic Quo Vadis, which is in a complete different league to this! The idea I suppose is to tie the federation to the Roman Empire, which was critically effected by the growth of Christianity, with eventual transformation into the Rome which all know today.

Al in all, this was nothing more than a disposable Sci-Fi trifle, who’s only redeeming feature is its consistency in effects and the look of the graphics, such as the Fed Net, though even that was light and vacuous compared, again the original.

Please, PLEASE! No more!


    1. I’m sorry to say, not really. I LOVED the original Starship Troopers, but the sequels and the film’s age, have only gone on to prove that this was a one hit wonder. It was funny, action packed and unusual, with it’s almost pro-fascist tack.

      But as Starship Troopers 3 demonstrated, it can easily miss the mark as even though this did use several of the key elements from the first film, it failed to live up to it. Without Paul Verhoven, this franchise is as doomed as Robocop, another classic which has only spawned rubbish.

      A crying shame…

  1. Set in 2250 the 22nd millenium a group of ragtag space soldiers/marines led by a Fil-American soldier Capt.Jonathan Rico leader of the Federal Armed Forces battles invading insects mostly composed of bugs and spiders from Planet Klendathuu attempt try to destroy the world space soldiers of the federation must stop the bug menace and annihilate them by the hands of the Federal Army for good and save mankind and to protect earth and universe and keep the peace. Based from a story by Dr Robert Heinlein released in 1959 made into a live action film animated cartoons/anime television series comicbooks/manga action figures dolls and media.Thanks for the information.From:Wayne

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