DIRECTOR: Steve Pink

Gross ain’t the word for this high concept time travel caper, starring John Cusack. Three middle-aged men and Cusack’s nerdy nephew, are pining for the good old days when there lives still had hope and end up in the eponymous hot tub. Sent back to the 1986 in their younger bodies, they are told by the mysterious Chevy Chase, not to change their behaviour and do as they did in past until they can travel back to the present.

This lasts for about 15 minutes then the gloves are off. They go through motions of male bonding, learning more about themselves and having sex, but all in all this fails to live up to the film’s brilliant title. I must admit that I laughed throughout but I felt that I was laughing at it rather that with it as I was just grossed out more than amused.

I didn’t really like the characters, though I don’t hate them either. There was very little going on here, apart from some savvy references to other time travel films and the 1980’s. I think that it wanted to be geek-sheik but ends up being a mish-mash of ideas, jokes and concepts and though it may amuse and gross you out in equal measure, there’s not too much left to take home with you afterwards. A missed opportunity if ever there was one.

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