DIRECTOR: Adrienne Shelly

This indie chick flick has a lot more offer than may first appear. A simple story of a waitress, Keri Russell, who is intent on leaving her oppressive hick husband, even though she has just discovered that she is carrying his baby. Things are further complicated by her new doctor, Nathan Fillion, who she begins to have an affair with, though he too being married.

This is about a woman and her desire to break free from her social restraints, with her only ally being determination. It plays out well, without being too clichéd, though that’s not to say that it doesn’t fit nicely into the indie genre and ends nicely in keeping with the tone of the narrative. But it is also quite a comfortable watch, with a gentle story that just washes over you, never offending nor boring.

The witty script is a fitting tribute to the late writer/director Adrienne Shelly and is well treated by the cast, lead by Keri Russell.

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