DIRECTOR: Kenneth Branagh

Contains Spoilers!

Yet another trailer for this year’s up and coming superhero mash-up, The Avengers arrived last summer. Sorry, I must have gotten confused. This was the long-awaited Thor movie, though it was hard to tell. This film’s trailer suggested that Thor would be banished from his celestial home, Asgard and sent to Earth where he would become a superhero. This wasn’t essentially the case, as more often film seems to be set in Asgard than Earth and most of the Earth stuff revolved around setting up Thor’s place in The Avengers line up.

The effects are good, as are the performances, with the unknown to me, Branagh’s protegé, Tom Huddleston as Loki, standing out, but there wasn’t much in it as much of the cast were good. But I felt that Kenneth Branagh wasn’t as comfortable with subject matter nor the production values of a 3D superhero blockbuster as he needed to be. Having said that, there’s no doubt that this was an entertaining film and the scenes on Earth, particularly with a moralised Thor, who still spoke and acted like the god he once was, regardless of the fact that he had no powers whatsoever, were definitely funny, but the sci-fi element was very pronounced and I don’t know how well this will translate with casual fans like myself.

I’ve always thought of superheroes as being Like Superman, Batman and Spiderman, Having powers or abilities but primarily being of Earth, though Superman wasn’t. But even though he was an alien, it wasn’t rubbed in your face. He left his planet and Earth was his home. This wasn’t the case here as Thor will be a visitor to Earth when needed, apparently.

I am keen to see how this continues but whether or not this works hinges dubiously on the success or failure of The Avengers later this summer and I don’t know if this will work. If it does, it will mark a significant change in the film industry, allowing several films to be sacrificed to market another, as has happened with Iron Man 2, Captain America and Thor, which I personally this is a mistake but time will tell.

As for this, it is good, enjoyable and a decent enough addition to genre.

5 thoughts on “THOR

  1. it might be better to change the “Valhalla” references to read “Asgard” as really, Valhalla was the great hall in which the “reborn” Vikings of yesteryear if chosen, would be reborn after their mortal coil was broken! Lol!
    Asgard is such a cool name anywayhow …..

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