DIRECTOR: Joe Johnson

May Contain Spoilers!

Back in 2010, I wrote a review of this film, a film which I had never really thought much of. It read…

“I have never really rated this film. Jurassic Park is one of my top ten films of all time, and “The Lost World” made for a good sequel, but should have served as evidence that sequels for this franchise were only going to go down hill.

This film suffers form a lack of direction and commitment and fails to engross or make any real sense. The characters are two-dimensional and Sam Neill hams it up no end.

The action has moved from scarily spectacular to just spectacle, with no real sense of peril, just a predictable dino related death toll. This was a misfire from a franchise that should not had really become one.

But having said all that, I have recently watched this with its target audience, a six yer old boy, who loves dinosaurs, and he loved it! And watching this film with simple expectations and for the puerile exploitative adventure it is, it’s actually pretty good and quite entertaining.

I wouldn’t recommend this as such, but I would watch it again and again as something fun, but nothing as important as the first. Please though… NO MORE!!!”

I also rated it 6/10, but having seen a couple more times since, again with my growing stepson, I’m warming to this more and more. This may not be Spielberg, nor the music of John Williams, but Don Davis does a great job of working within the confines of William’s score and Johnson has created a sharper action thriller. Still vacuous compared to the original two, but it does contain more substance than I have originally given it credit for.

And with Jurassic Park 3D and number 4 in the pipeline, this is not looking half as bad as it once did. I stand by certain points raised in my earlier review, such as the hamming up and sense of peril issues, and even though it was covered in the script by a line or two about Ingen not declaring every species which they had created on the island, the existence of the Spinosaurus, good though it was, was inconsistent with the previous story.

Though the moment that this new addition and the good old T-Rex squared off was good and reminds us that we haven’t seen a real carnivorous face off so far in the trilogy.

Still not the best, but I’m really starting to recognise this for the enjoyment value, if not for the deeper issues raised by the first two.



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