Contains Spoilers

Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

Popcorn: Un-nutritious yet mildly tasty and surprising filling confectionery, often accompanying a film. This film is like popcorn in its purest form. The concept is a simple one. Two super spies, one American with THE most American name possible apart from Yankee-Doodle-Dandy, FDR (Chris Pine) and Tuck, the rising British star Tom Hardy, both fall for the same woman and abuse their positions within the C.I.A. to woo her.

This is an adrenalin filled game of one-up-man-ship, or it’s supposed to be but what we end up with is a couple of guys, who are supposed to love each other, falling out over a woman who we’re supposed to believe has had to resort to internet dating, Reese Witherspoon. Really?

Buffed up and tattooed Tuck, who we are also expected to believe cannot get a date, meets her via a dating site and FDR meets her by mistake afterwards. Chris Pine, by the way, seems to have nipped over from the set of Star Trek, with Captain Kirk still squarely in the frame, which raises some serious questions over his range as an actor, sees here as a challenge. Tom Hardy on the other hand is a man of incredible talent, though not really stretching himself here,  he was still one of the most interesting and appealing element in this paint by numbers action comedy.

There is also supposed to be an action sub-plot, revolving around a revenge plot hatched by the villain who survives the prologue but this is a complete waste of time and the its inclusion is like a nat buzzing around your head whilst you’re watching the film! Though, this film takes almost no concentration to watch, as was demonstrated quite well by myself as I was playing with my bottle, pretending that it was space rocket docking with my bottle holder about half way through, I wasn’t really bored.

I was just really chilled out as the film is complete nonsense, washing over you and requiring you to stop thinking during the performance, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t enjoyable. I liked this, though only as far as a toddler likes playing with ball. Its long-term appeal is limited but whilst you’re playing with it… it’s fun.

McG on the other hand has defiantly earned his disdain amongst critics and I will not be going out on a limb for him as I have with Michael Bay any time soon. He talent is limited. It’s one thing being unable to handle complex characters or emotions, which he can’t, but he also fails to engage the story, the cast or even the action in this film, all of which is okay, but nothing more.

The genre of spies perverting their agencies resources for their own ends has never being as good as it was at its high point with True Lies, but this is no Mr. And Mrs. Smith either. This Means War is average in may respects and thought  it was enjoyable enough to make me laugh, I doubt that this will become a classic any time soon.

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