DIRECTOR: Brad Silberling


Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

May Contain Spoilers!

Land Of The Lost was a little known Saturday morning kids TV series in this country, so as with film such as McGruber, a McGyver parody, and Get Smart,  it was always going to be  tough sell over here. Besides seeing the trailers at the time, it all but by passed me. So when I finally saw this on a Saturday afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised by my positive feelings. This is fun, pure and simple. It’s a vehicle for Will Farrell, not my favourite comedian by a long shot, but he defiantly made this work with his brand of humour.

The plot is just too preposterous to explain here and there’s little else of interest in the film in terms of narrative so I won’t spoil what there is but this is a much funnier and amusing take of this kind of adventure subject than you might think.

It’s escapist comedy adventure but not the more plausible type of Indiana Jones, but more in the vain of Journey To The Center Of The 3D but even more tongue in cheek. The comedy is also more adult, with several drug references and a large number of jokes revolving around an apparent eating disorder, but it was well-played, with some fun action and simple plotting.

Just sit back, ignore the critics, and trust me, there are a lot of them for this, and enjoy the ride. You might just be in for a pleasant surprise… Or not.

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