2010's, 4 Candles, Action, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Twilight



DIRECTOR: Bill Condon

May contain spoilers!

No sparkling? No respect? These are two serious issues at the heart of this cynical, let down of a movie. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not the world’s greatest fan of The Twilight Saga, but the first two are more than decent, but by the time we get to this, it is surly revealed as the mockery which it is. The acting is poor, with minimal dialogue and an abundance of catalogue poses, things that make no sense and continuity errors that seemingly ignore the heart and soul of what has come before.

The vampires have more colour than at any point in this entire series and they do not as any point sparkle! Again, the sparkling was never my favourite element but it was there, it was the reason that vampires in the Meyers universe couldn’t go out in the sunshine and yet here, in an attempt to create an episode of Sunset Beach, this continuity detail is despatched. The internal logic has failed and that is very damaging to this film and the franchise as a whole.

Then there is the slow, dull plotting and pacing. Nothing really happens. Lets see if we can sum up the plot in one paragraph. Bella and Edward get married, do the deed without her getting killed, mores the petty, she gets pregnant, baby almost kills her and as promised in the final moments of New Moon, she is turned into a vampire in order to save her… Life? How’s that?

110 minutes of this before the post credit sequence with Michael Sheen, which is without a doubt, the best moment in this entire film! The other decent thing, is Taylor Lauter as Jacob. Not only one of the better characters, the only notable performance in the film. Director, Bill Condon, drops the ball every time he picks it up, most notably with the werewolf conference scene. Most of the time he is just too lazy and sloppy, simply directing the boring screenplay and the wooden actors. Kirsten Stewart is the worst of the bunch, though only by a narrow margin.

How she was cast is beyond me, but I suppose in the initial film , which was an angst ridden indie flick for all intents and purposes, she worked, but here, here limitations are revealed. I despise her character, demanding, selfish and immature to the extreme whilst we’re supposed to believe otherwise, whilst Edward bows down like a bitch to her every whim. At least Jacob is in the throes of lust or love and being so primal, you can almost forgive his poor taste but Edward as a 100-year-old vampire should simply see Bella for what she is… A very high maintenance girlfriend who is the sort to threaten to kill herself if he ever tried to leave her, whilst probably not actually going through with it. Bad News!

All in all, the film fails to live up to hype or the previous three outings and the choice of Condon to direct was an atrocious one, without a doubt. Will the second part save the day… I doubt it but there’s still hope I suppose…


  1. The very first Twilight movie was my all-time favorite. Just the way Edward’s hair was and Kirsten’s acting always sucked but it has gotten better. Anyways I read the books and I finally got a chance to watch Breaking Dawn at home using Blockbuster @Home. I about watched it over a hundred times, the wedding dress, where the wedding was at was beautiful. Good thing I didn’t have to put up with any late fees for renting it. My co-worker at DISH loves Jacob; she has so many pictures of him hanging at her cubicle, lol. It was interesting to see how he would be shown imprinting on Renessme. I can’t wait for part 2!


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