1971 DIRECTOR: William Friedkin May Contain Spoilers! Almost 41 years later, this films gritty realism, fleshed out characters and slow burn, procedural police thriller plotting,  is still something to behold. Is this a masterpiece within its own genre? Undoubtedly, but it has also aged just as much. The fact that this is a 70's thriller is … Continue reading THE FRENCH CONNECTION


2008 DIRECTOR: Sacha Gervasi May Contain Spoilers! This was a real disappointment. Toted as the next and the "REAL" Spinal Tap, as it were, though not literally, we got a very straight, if not heart warming at times, rock documentary about the ill-fated 80's rock band, Anvil. They could have been one of the greats, and … Continue reading ANVIL: THE STORY OF ANVIL


2011 DIRECTOR: Joe Wright May Contain Spoilers! I wasn't really expecting much from this but boy, was I surprised. Joe Wright had seriously put me of his work with is previous film, Atonement which I felt was total rubbish, but he has redeemed himself here with a very interesting and textured thriller. The script is as smart as the … Continue reading HANNA