DIRECTOR: James Cameron

May Contain Spoilers!

A good documentary, certainly for the big screen but not very informative. In IMAX 3D it was quite a sight and while it still packs a punch in 2D it loses something. As for the 3D elements, read on…

I find that on repeat viewings it still carries an emotional edge, if only slight but still something to note. It’s certainly worth a watch if only to make up your mind.

As for the 3D DVD, the only available version at present is from Japan, but the limited pressing, only 10,000 were ever made, it is very difficult to get hold of, with eBay being the best place to start looking. The format used is a slight variation on ColorCode 3D, with yellow rather than amber used for the left lens, but it still doesn’t work as well as it should. The only anaglyph format to work for me is the magenta/green Trioscopics, but this wasn’t invented back in 2003, so this what we have.

It’s only, but it’s not a patch on the original Imax presentation, except for the fact that Imax was still ghosty, pardon the pun, back in those days and there’s plenty of cross talk here and the use of the dark blue right lens reduces the lux power so much that when your 2 miles under the ocean, you can’t see much but even when you’re in sunshine, you STILL can’t see anything.

This lets down the CGI reconstructions, let alone the dive itself so we have a film whose main redeeming feature is the visual spectacle of visiting the Titanic wreck, left almost impossible to see at times. The 3D version available at present may be rare but it isn’t really desirable, just interesting to have in your collection. But I’m sure that the Blu-ray 3D version will offer something much more interesting…

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