DIRECTOR: Raja Gosnell

May Contain Spoilers!

Not knowing what the smurf to make of this smurf-elicious feast of blue, I came to the conclusion that this was actually so bad, that it was good. It was an enjoyable take of the Smurfs, perfectly rendered in 3D CGI and their blending into the real world was equally as brilliant. In short, the effects were great, but believe it or not, they weren’t the only thing about this film that was good, even though it was smurfing terrible in principle!

Hank Azaria was great fun as the hammed up villain and the jokes, bad as they were, still raised a laugh or two. But as  a family film, this was a success, as there’s something for everyone without thrilling nor turning anyone off. It did keep my attention, though not enough to prevent me from taking a toilet break towards the end, but when you need to smurf, you need to smurf!

Would have liked to have seen this in 3D to be honest, as the film has very little cinematic integrity and as a fun and vacuous family film, this is tailor-made for the gimmick that is 3D, but it was just fine in 2 dimensions. If they refrain from sequels then this may do well in years to come as it is harmless family fun but I very much doubt that this is the last that we’ve seen of the Smurfs… for smurfs sake!

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