DIRECTOR: Sacha Gervasi

May Contain Spoilers!

This was a real disappointment. Toted as the next and the “REAL” Spinal Tap, as it were, though not literally, we got a very straight, if not heart warming at times, rock documentary about the ill-fated 80’s rock band, Anvil. They could have been one of the greats, and as the talking heads declare at the beginning, they have influenced so many rock bands of that era whilst failing to make it themselves.

The film follows the neurotic lead singer “Lips” and the drummer Robb Reiner, as their enduring friendship over the pasted 25 years has kept this band alive and their undying belief that they will become the rock stars that they should have been in the mid 1980’s. The fact that they are now pushing 50 is the only significant joke in the entire film. Simply, it may be funny to those who follow rock but to the rest of us, I fail to see the appeal. It was interesting and at 80 minutes it didn’t out stay its welcome but this was a melancholic documentary about the failures of these two men who can’t accept that their chance has been and gone and whilst dreams a great to hang on to, living them at 50 is just not going to work.

This is a tragic story and it works well on that level, but for those who say that it’s a comedy, sorry but I just don’t get it!

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