DIRECTOR(S): Pierre Coffin & Chris Renaud

May Contain Spoilers!

With the ominous tagline, From the producers of Ice Age, I held out little for this one. But, in spite of one major misstep,  this was acually quite well developed, delivering laughs and decent sense of pace. The only real issue that I had was the inclusion of the three orphan girls. The idea behind their role was okay, but besides a few moments of comedy, I had to fight the urge to switch off whenever they appeared on screen.

But as the interplay between Gru, Steve Carell’s titular Despicable Me and other evil characters was very well handled and funny to boot. So overall, this was entertaining and better than I was expecting from  the producers of the dross that is the never ending Ice Age franchise. I would certainly give a sequel a go but preferably without the girls this time…

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