DIRECTOR: Anne Fletcher


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? MAYBE

What could have been an interesting comedy in a similar vein to the 1991 comedy, Green Card, became seriously hampered from the start by the mis-casting of Ryan Reynolds. But in my view, any film with this casting issue will be miscast as I feel that he offers nothing to any film which he appears in.

I first came across him in Blade: Trinity, and though the film as a whole was poor, his so-called wise cracking inclusion finished it off completely! But enough about the him as there was plenty more to complain about. Well, not as such, but there was little to shout about either.

Sandra Bullock is a hard-nosed Canadian book publisher who is about to be ejected from the U.S. and comes up with the plan to marry her assistant. The problem, surprise, surprise is that they hate each other, but must spend the next three days in his home town in Alaska to learn what they need too about each other to pass the immigration tests.

Do they fall in love? Does she change into a nice and decent human being? Could this have been released in December as another reworking of the Dickin’s, Scrooge? What do you think?

The chemistry between the two leads is almost none existent, though that is probably Reynold’s fault as he has nothing to offer to the mix. Bullock is always watchable if not annoying at times, but overall, the character dynamics are flat, with a nicer than nice family, well almost, with caricatured conflict, all held together with some zippy lines scattered throughout.

Simply, you get what you pay for. Very watchable and for fans of the genre, this should do the trick.

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