DIRECTOR: Steven Sommers


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? MAYBE

I’m not sure that G.I. Joe was ever going to translate well into a summer blockbuster, but it didn’t stop the effects mad Steven Sommers from trying. And it seems to have worked!

The dialogue is appalling if used outside a kids saturday morning cartoon, which is or course, this titles natural home, and the acting and plotting aren’t much better either, but there’s something charming and fun about this movie. The clichés are almost dismissed at every turn as just part of the paper-thin plot, which is in itself driven by the endless and at times, mediocre effects, but the pacing was defiantly on the side of the Joe’s in this one!

It was laughable, but it was very much so and not always in a negative way. I was actually laughing at the plot, granted not with it so much, but at least it was fun. What else could they have gone for? It felt like a cartoon and it looked like one. The cast hammed it up at every turn, though it could be argued that most of them could do little else if they tried, especially our hero, Channing Tatum!

Then there were the endless flashbacks, which one looking like a World War Two dinner and dancing scene form Pearl Harbor, with the next being something out of Kill Bill!

Recommended for a Saturday night, but not recommended for anything more intellectual…

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