DIRECTOR: Jonathan Mostow

May Contain Spoilers!

Surrogates had received little but poor reviews since its release in 2009 but the concept interested me so I gave it a go anyway. Jonathan Mostow’s previous work includes Breakdown, an almost forgotten thriller from 1998 best know for being J.T. Walsh’s final film and Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, whilst not as good as James Cameron’s films, was certainly an acceptable addition to the action franchise.

Surrogates is a simple high concept Sci-fi thriller in which in the near future, the world’s population has taken to using android avatars, as it were, to live their lives in the real world whilst being plugged into an interface at home in an effort to remain safe from harm.

The film is short, only clocking in at 85 minutes, which was defiantly a great move, preventing this idea from becoming tired. It’s a good concept but the film is pretty much about the ideas rather than any actual story with simple characterisations and no significant depth beyond the ideas raised, butt at such a swift running time, it works nicely.

This is a straight forward Sci-fi flick, enjoyable and thought-provoking and will no doubt end up doing well on late night TV for years to come. But this is far, far better than review would have you believe. Try it out for yourselves…

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