DIRECTOR: Philip Noyce

May Contain Spoilers!

In the summer holidays in the 1994, Clear And Present Danger, the third adaptation of Tom Clancy’s, Jack Ryan books,  was the last of long list of summer films that I watched with friends that year. I hated it! I was 15 years old and watching Jack Ryan argue the rights an wrongs of Presidents abusing their power was hardly more interesting than Dumb & Dumber or The Mask!

But on a second viewing a year later, my view was somewhat improved and the film would continue to grow on me steadily on each viewing. Now, I love it.

This is one of the better and possibly one of the best political thriller adaptations, certainly of the 90’s, and Harrison Ford still had his every man quality back then, a quality that seems to have either been lost or just that we’re fed up with it, I’m not sure. This is the perfect blend of action, philosophising and political intrigue, telling the story of a covert U.S. incursion into Columbia to sabotage the drug cartels which are flooding the U.S. with their narcotics.

It’s a complex plot, told in a simple manner but blink and you’ll miss stuff, but repeat viewings will sort that out. Overall, this is a 90’s action thriller gem, superior to Noyce’s previous Jack Ryan actioner, Patriot Games but on par with the  John McTiernan’s original film, Hunt For Red October. The less said about The Sum Of All Fears, the better…


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