DIRECTOR: Louis Leterrier

May Contain Spoilers!

Louis Leterrier should be stopped from making films! After this, he would go on to make the medeocre Clash Of The Titans and is probably more famous for his Transporter films, 1 and 2 anyway. But this was one of the first wave of Marvel films which were in the vein to set up The Avengers (Avengers Assemble) mash up, which finally greeted its adoring public earlier this year.

The other film from that year was Iron Man which was defiantly the better of the two. Maybe if I haddn’t have seen Ang Lee’s Hulk in 2003, and being one of the few voices of support for his Art House take, then maybe, just maybe, I would have liked this verson more. Edward Norton and Liv Tyler were fine in their respective roles of Bruce Banner and Betty Ross but William Hurt as General Ross was just too over the top for me.

There was just no sublty in the film at all, though there were moments with imotated it. The plot was simple and was deliberatly as far away from the charcater driven story of Hulk and much more about the super hero that we all know. But a the Hulk looked rubbish, also a critism leveyed against the first film’s effects but at least with Lee’s interpretation of the Hulk as pure rage, the effects worked well, but here, he’s just a green giant and seemingly had no character at all.

This is just a simpley directed and safe version of a franchise which was undoubtedly damaged by Ang Lee, who tried to blend style and Art House melodrama to the Hulk, in a way that Chrostopher Nolan would achive better two years later with Batman Begins. But The Incredible Hulk is just that, the straight to celoloid transfer of the comic book character to the big screen, with no ambition to adapt him to the medium of film.

But since this was one of a string of films which only exist to promote The Avengers, it was probably a good move to sell out on individual quality in favour of the gross profit of creating hype for the culmintion of The Avengers project. For more on synical Marvel films, see Iron Man 2, and Thor. (Not seen Captain America: The First Avenger yet so no comment)

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