DIRECTOR: Jack Smight


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? YES

Airport ’75 was the second in a franchise of four disaster movies which began back in 1969 with the film, Airport. But that original was more soap opera than disaster flick and this film, whilst sticking to a similar theme, was more intent of getting down to the action.

This is the film which sets the tone for the 1980 spoof, Airplane probably more than any of the others, but even though it’s hard to take some scenes lifted by Airplane anywhere near as seriously as you should, the entire sequence with Linda Blair flying for her kidney transplant for example, it’s still solid enough.

The accident of the film in which a small plane collides with a Boeing 747, leaving “the stewardess to fly the plane” , does take it’s time coming,  by todays standards this offers little in the way of action and is easily resolved but as a thriller, it is certainly good enough. But what we miss in action is more than made up for in some stunning aerial photography and it’s fair to note that today, this would all be done by CGI, so hats of to them for actually flying a Boeing 747 and not resorting to ropey models or back projection.

But obviously, this was far from perfect and some of the effects are laughable as is the acting in parts, but as 70’s disaster films go, this is one of the good ones, not the best but entertaining and enthralling enough none the less.

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