DIRECTOR: Dominic Sena

May Contain Spoilers!

This is a film whose major accolades include the fact that Halle Berry got her boobs out for the first time. Does this sum up this film? To an extent, yes it does.

But it’s better than that. It’s defiantly the first major film to use The Matrix style camera work as so excellently demonstrated in its opening sequence, but that’s about the best of it. Hell, even the poster has a Matrix esthetic about it! The plotting is ridiculous but sharply executed, along with hammy but fun performances from a cast that can do a lot better. But if it’s just entertainment you want, then look no further.

The pacing is fast, the plotting is ludicrous and John Travolta is defiantly on form as the terrorist/patriot. But when you’ve got a scene where Hugh Jackman, a top-notch programmer, is forced to crack the Defence mainframe in 60 seconds whilst receiving a blow job, you kind of find yourself thinking back or forward, since it was made later, to 2004’s Team America: World Police!

And then there’s the scene with Halle Berry standing around gratuitously in her underwear pointing her gun at Hugh, who seems to be thinking that this all quite normal! Oh, and his ex-wife is a porn star who is married to a porn director… need I go on?

The films heart is clear. Crass, cynical and vulgar, from the in your face acting, to the odd music by Christopher Young and Mike Oakenfield?, the obvious and fanatical belief that sex sells. Well, it does, but you need to decide whether you’re making a soft porn film or a mainstream thriller. At least Team America knew that it was comedy.

But having said all that, I like this film. It’s a truly enjoyable romp, dated and reminiscent of a late 1980’s actioner, but made at time when cinema was  moving in a slightly different direction. Recommended for Saturday night viewing ONLY!

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