With just 4 days to go before the release of what may well be the film of the year, and possibly the crowning of Christopher Nolan’s, Batman Trilogy as the best trilogy ever compiled, the reviews are in, as the cast and crew of The Dark Knight Rises head off to its premier tonight.

Empire Magazine and Total Film (UK) have both given it 5 Stars with Empire’s Nev Pierce quoted as saying “God help the bloke who reboots this” and another review from Coming giving it 8/10! I’m personally holding off on reading the details of these reviews until after I’ve seen it, as I won’t be going until NEXT Wednesday but the feeling is clear, certainly critically. This seems to have lived up to the hype so far and it is just up us now to make our judgements, but TDKR has two tough acts to follow.

For MY review of the previous two instalments, feel free to click on the posters below.

But for me, personally, roll on the 25th as either way, the finishing touch will be applied to what is for me, one of, if not the most fulfilling trilogy of films to be released in my adult lifetime. (Got to save some room for Star Wars, Indiana Jones & Back To The Future, as I was still a child when they were released so they don’t count!)

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