DIRECTOR: Ryan Johnson

May Contain Spoilers!

I can remember back in 2005, reading about this new, breakout film which was redefining the high school genre. The film was Brick. It passed me by in the end and I came across it again this year. The quotes were great, saying that it was a “one of kind” and “unique take on the genre”, blending film noir with modern kids etc…

The concept really intrigued me as I do like SOME noir, but not all. I got through the first 27 minutes and it was gruelling. Very rarely does a film which I set out to watch drive to turn it off or walk out before the end but I just couldn’t take any more! It just didn’t work for me. The noir dialogue was fine, very apt for Humphry Bogart but not so much for Joseph Gordon-Levitt constantly banging on about who eats with who and where!

I do intend to return to this film sooner rather than later and I still don’t know what the whole Brick thing is all about, but this a Marmite film if ever there was one. Love it or hate it, Brick is not for everyone and actually irritated me beyond my tolerances.

A real shame as I had high hopes for this one.

This review will be updated when or IF, I finish watching the enitre film.

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