DIRECTOR: Tony Scott

May Contain Spoilers!

True Romance is one of the strangest examples of  a movie that you’ll ever see. Directed by Tony Scott, written and originally to be directed by Quentin Tarantino, with music from the younger and upcoming composer Hans Zimmer and a cast of some Hollywood’s biggest names, not in cameo’s but some in early roles, such a Brad Pitt, there aren’t many movies that you can sit through for two hours and not only witness a fantastic collection of talent, but watch the overture to rest of the 1990’s.

Set around a couple, prostitute, Patricia Arquette and comic-book geek, Christian Slater, as they fall in love and marry almost instantly, they find themselves caught up in a complex plot, with cops, gangs, mafioso and Hollywood producers, all fighting over a briefcase of cocaine, which the couple have found themselves with.

But this is Tarantino, so the violence is as hot as the wit, but this benefited from his limited role as the screenwriter and as he admits, he would have made a bleaker, more tragic film himself. But with Scott’s lighter tone, the enigmatic characters are allowed to flourish in more conventional surroundings whilst falling around Tarantino’s plotting and delivering his wonderful dialogue.

This is not one of cinema’s most well-known films outside film fans but it is a skilful collaboration and boats some of the finest actors of the decade, doing what they do best and it seems, waiting for their respective breaks. Pulp Fiction anybody…?


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