DIRECTOR: Brian De Palma

May Contain Spoilers!

Someone once told me, back when I was 19 years old, that I wasn’t a real film buff if I hadn’t seen Scarface. I took offence at that and as a result, when I eventually saw the film, I was 33! Was it worth the wait? Yes.

Oliver Stone’s brutal script, along with De Palma’s equally controversal take on this remake of the 1932 original, which at the time, broke all records for the profane language, leading to a savagely brutalised TV cut. The story of a Cuban gangster who takes over Miami’s drug trade, bears a striking resemblance to De Palma’s later work, Calrito’s Way, which in my opinion, seems to be a more refined version of Scarface, and with Pacino playing a slightly more sympathetic character, that he does here.

As a remake, it seems to be pretty faithful in certain respects, in its adaptation, maintaining several key elements but this is a film of the 1980’s and a groundbreaking one at that. Ultimately, I liked it. It wasn’t the greatest gangster film of all time, but it was a film of its day, and it was engrossing, Pacino and the rest of the cast as a whole where great and the moment when he “introducing¬†us to his little friends”, was well worth the wait.

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