DIRECTOR: Ivan Reitman

May Contain Spoilers!

There are those who believe that Ghostbusters II is a better movie than Ghostbusters. I am not one of them. Saying that, Ghostbusters II is far from a poor sequel. It has the integrity to acknowledge its predecessor and attempt to take the story further. Five years have passed since the events of Ghostbusters, Marshmallow Man and Gozer, and the Ghostbusters have gone out of business after being sued by everybody as a result of saving the city of New York.

Now, after discovering a river of slime under the city, they return to save the day yet again, from another demon, Vigo, who is after Sigourney Weaver’s 8 month old child, as a vessel for his rebirth. The plot is fine but as with the first film, it is the character incidentals and interactions which drive this, along with more of same special effects. Though I’m no longer convinced by the Proton Packs, as they haven’t half dated and look totally animated, more like something out of Forbidden Planet!

But still, this is a fun film, not as funny as its predecessor but enough to satisfy, but again, thins is Bill Murray as his comedic best as the dry witted Peter Venkman, as he clearly monopolises the best lines, as the rest, Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis become more like caricatures of themselves. Far from a rubbish sequel but not as sharp or original, obviously, as the first, but well worth catching up with again. Not sure about making anymore though…

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