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Earlier this month, I commented on Now Playing.com's Batman Retrospective, but now it's the turn of Star Trek. Back in 2009, the team at Now Playing recorded a retrospective series on the Star Trek movies, from the 1979's The Motion Picture, right up to J.J. Abrams 2009 reboot. Well, I've listened to 11 podcasts, covering… Continue reading NOW PLAYING STRIKES AGAIN!

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2008 DIRECTOR: Clint Eastwood May Contain Spoilers! Clint Eastwood is a director which I some trouble getting behind. I have not seen his entire body of work but I have seen a fair few, and none have really impressed me as much as would have liked. Like his interest in composing and performing gentle country… Continue reading CHANGELING

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2011 DIRECTOR: Brad Bird 400th REVIEW! May Contain Spoilers! It's been 16 years since Brian De Palma teamed up with Tom Cruise to bring the cult 1960's TV series to the big screen. Back in 1996, Mission: Impossible was seen as overly complex and too much so for a  summer blockbuster, certainly when released alongside… Continue reading MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – GHOST PROTOCOL (400th REVIEW!)

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2011 DIRECTOR: Duncan Jones May Contain Spoilers! It felt like we were back in the 1970's with this high concept sci-fi thriller. Duncan Jones had previously given us Moon, which was a hard act to follow but certainly in keeping with style of this film. On one hand it was good, a decent attempt to… Continue reading SOURCE CODE

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2009 DIRECTOR(S): Ron Clements & John Musker May Contain Spoilers! Line-drawn animation is dead. Or is it? 2009 saw Disney's return to their roots as they drew by hand (though be it heavily assisted by computers), their first traditionally animated feature in over a decade. Now since Toy Story was the first Disney film that I actually… Continue reading THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG



Last Sunday, 19th August 2012, Director/Producer Tony Scott, younger brother to Sir Ridley Scott and the director of such classics as Top Gun, Crimson Tide and Beverly Hills Cop II, passed away after taking his own life. I've always liked his work, finding that even though his older brother has gained so much notoriety, and certainly… Continue reading A TONY SCOTT RETROSPECTIVE

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1998 DIRECTOR: Rob Bowman May Contain Spoilers! Season Five of the phenomena which was The X Files concluded with and episode entitled "The End". Season Six would open with "The Beginning" but somewhere in the middle and for some reason, money presumably, it was considered to be a good idea to make a franchise movie during… Continue reading THE X FILES: FIGHT THE FUTURE (aka THE X FILES: THE MOVIE)

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1995 DIRECTOR: Martin Campbell May Contain Spoilers! Licence To Kill spelt the end of Timothy Dalton's short-lived stint as James Bond, and left the franchise is limbo. It was Martin Campbell who revived Bond in 1995, as he would do again in 2006 with Casino Royale, but Goldeneye was the first of one of the best… Continue reading GOLDENEYE

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2008 DIRECTOR: Guillermo del Toro May Contain Spoilers! There's no doubt that Guillermo del Toro is man of vision and man not to dissimilar from Tim Burton in many respects, though not in a literal one. He has a visual style which lacks compromise when allowed to flourish and here, in the second outing his red… Continue reading HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY

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1992 DIRECTOR: Tim Burton May Contain Spoilers! It's 1992. Tim Burton is now a major player in Hollywood, having re-imagined Batman as the Dark Knight and followed it up with the iconic Edward Scossorhands. But it wasn't just going to be a straight up sequel for Batman, this was going to be a furtherance of the… Continue reading BATMAN RETURNS