May Contain Spoilers!

Judd Apatow: A name which causes derision within any group who hear it. Love him or hate him, but his films are here to stay. I’m not really in the love him camp, but I have to admit, that his films are beginning to grow on me, though only to an extent. Anchorman is regarded as a modern-day classic and it was only after listening to an Empire podcast in which the group of illustrious critics banged on and on about how good it was.

Never really being drawn to it, I thought it was about time that I found out what all the fuss was about. I think that Empire liked it a bit too much, but that’s not to say that it wasn’t funny. To me, personally, and lets not forget that comedy is very subjective, I didn’t think that it was a laugh a minute, but it was filled with comedic moments. It wasn’t really until the scene with Jack Black and the dog, that I truly let go to and let the film just wash over me.

I believe that on a second viewing, it will do better than the first time but there’s no doubt that Will Farrell, another one who I am only just coming around too, though I will never forgive him for Elf, was first-rate as the eponymous Anchorman, Ron Burgundy. Some of the gags where priceless, the story well judged and there’s even a heartwarming element to it. It was a shame though that Steve Carell was underused and cast as a retard, which since his comedy status has exploded since, seems to be a waste, though be it and understandable one.

Then there’s the endless cameo’s, brought to the fore with the West Side Story gang fight spoof (I presumed that it was West Side Story), with star cameos from the likes of Ben Stiller, Tim Robbins and Luke Wilson, let alone the one from Jack Black mentioned earlier!

A good solid comedy, rude, crude and vulgar though it may be, its heart is actually firmly in the right place.


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