DIRECTOR: Tony Scott

Deja Vu is one of those interesting features which seems to have slipped through the net and it’s a crying shame. It seems that more people remember Timecop than this little gem, but still, if you’re lucky enough catch it, then this might just surprise you.

Tony Scott and Denzel Washington collaborations have been a strong element in cinema since the mid 199o’s and by 2006, they were working like a well oiled machine, but it’s not just Scott’s direction and Washington’s solid performance which carry this through here. Oh, and Val Kilmer’s okay here as well! This is a pretty decent Sci-fi plot, which you’re best going in as blind as you can and not knowing too much about.

It’s not perfect by any stretch and there are plot holes a plenty, but the tone is decent and the pacing is punchy. Scott blends real world threats such as terrorism, a recurring theme of the mid naughties, with a Sci-Fi plot device to create a reasonably plausible situation. Overall, an enjoyable flick, better than Timecop,  though I must admit that I do like the Jean-Claude Van Damme classic,  and that may well be a clue as to what’s going on here, and it’s a shame that it has been overlooked in the way that it has, but the same can be said for so may Tony Scott films. Man On Fire anyone?

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