DIRECTOR: David Slade

May Contain Spoilers!

Director, David Slade would later go onto direct the third of the Twilight films, Eclipse, which would help build his credentials for that project, what this, 30 Days Of Night. Set in Alaska during a period of extended darkness, a group of Vampires assault the small town, leaving a small group of survivors to fight their way to the dawn, 30 days later.

Based on a comic book series of the same name, the concept of this movie is intriguing, adding a frightening and relentless twist to a well-worn genre. But the problem for me is that it just isn’t my cup of tea. I have heard glowing reviews, both professional and by word of mouth from friends but not being a horror fan, it just didn’t translate very well for me.

It may well be a genre defining by defying genre piece and it defiantly looks fresh but there’s only so much of running and hiding dark rooms whilst the noise of Vampires stalking their victims outside before I just want our heroes to make a suicidal break for it and get eaten!

The conclusion is interesting though not really for me, and the performances are decent but overall this is a well conceived horror flick but only really for genre fans, which I’m sorry to say that I am not.

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