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CINERAMA @ 60 PART 2 (For Part 1, CLICK HERE) Cinerama's legacy continues today, with widescreen and the more direct descendant, 70mm IMAX continuing the traditions. IMAX, before its recent wholehearted adoption by mainstream cinema, was generally a medium for large-scale documentaries. Space, Underwater and more exiting subject, such as the 1992 film, Fire Of Kuwait were… Continue reading CINERAMA @ 60 ~ THE REVIVAL CONTINUES

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1962  CINERAMA @ 60 DIRECTORS: John Ford, Henry Hathaway & George Marshall May Contain Spoilers! How The West Won was the first of only two narrative feature films to be filmed in the Cumbersome 3-Strip Cinerama process, the other being The Wonderful Worlds Of The Brothers Grimm, a rarity in its complete form these days.… Continue reading HOW THE WEST WAS WON

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2002 CINERAMA @ 60 DIRECTOR: David Strohmaier Included within theHow The West Was Won Blu-ray, Cinerama Adventure is a sentimental and detailed exploration of the short-lived phenomena that was Cinerama. Filled to the brim with stories, anecdotes and the odd tall tale, this takes a look at the people behind the process, Cinerama's place with film… Continue reading CINERAMA ADVENTURE

1950's, 1960's


CINERAMA @ 60 PART 1 60 years ago today, on the evening of September 30th 1952, Cinerama was premiered at the New York Broadway Theatre, heralding what would be come a new and enduring era of widescreen. Though the true three panel Cinerama format would not survive, How The West Was Won and The Wonderful World Of The Brothers… Continue reading CINERAMA @ 60 ~ 146 DEGREES OF PERCEPTION

2000's, 4 Candles, Comedy


2008 DIRECTOR: Adam McKay NOT A PART OF MY COLLECTION Will we be adding this to our collection? NO May Contain Spoilers! Step Brothers is just one of those comedies that you either get, or you don't. Is this plausible? I think not, but you never know I guess. It's not that Will Ferrell or… Continue reading STEP BROTHERS

2000's, 9 Candles, Action, Comedy


2007 DIRECTOR: Edgar Wright May Contain Spoilers! Following on from their success which what is now considered to be a modern classic, Shawn Of the Dead in 2004, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright returned in 2007 with this satirical take on the U.S. action genre. The film directly references both Bad Boys II… Continue reading HOT FUZZ

2000's, 8 Candles, Drama, Historical


2003 DIRECTOR: Mike Newell May Contain Spoilers! If Cosmo did feminist 1950's thesis', then this is what it would ultimately look like. That's not a bad thing, as this film, touching on the finishing schools of the 1950's, is actually quite engaging, cast by a who's who of female talent, in most cases, of the 2000's.… Continue reading MONA LISA SMILE

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1998 DIRECTOR: Roland Emmerich May Contain Spoilers! 1954 saw the birth of the prolific Godzilla franchise, which would take Japan by storm throughout the 1950's and 60's. It was only a matter of time before Hollywood threw its hat into the ring. Even 1954's Gojira, was recut into an American version, retitled Godzilla: King Of… Continue reading GODZILLA (1998)



30th September 1952 saw the world premier of This Is Cinerama. This Sunday sees the 60th Anniversary of that event and will marked by several posts and reviews throughout the day. After nearly three years of following the progress of these illusive Cinerama titles, independent distributor, Flicker Alley have finally released This Is Cinerama and Windjammer: The… Continue reading CINERAMA @ 60 ~ SMILEBOX IS BACK

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2009 DIRECTOR: Jean-Marc Vallée NOT A PART OF OUR COLLECTION May Contain Spoilers! Will we be adding this to our collection? MAYBE Queen Victoria and her husband's, Albert's, reign had many accolades. The image of her is of the aging widow in later life has become burnt into the national conciousness but their legacy is long… Continue reading THE YOUNG VICTORIA