DIRECTOR: Andy Tennant

May Contain Spoilers!

Welcome to the 1980’s. Only this Action Rom-Com was made a full ten years in to the new millennium! Throw-back isn’t the word as the ‘sexy’ duo of Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston play off each other as an ex-married couple, one, a bail jumper (Aniston) and the other, ex-cop and Bounty Hunter (Butler) who is sent to bring her in. Sound interesting? Barely. Plausible? Not really.

There’s absolutely ZERO chemistry between these two but if that wasn’t enough to sink this, the script seemed to go out of its way to bury it! I haven’t heard dialogue this bad for a while, to the point that its ‘stars’ were clearly struggling to deliver these jarring lines. Then there’s the plot itself, let alone its execution, and again, execution is right word for what the writing, acting and direction did to this movie. The plot is contrived, with Aniston playing a ‘top journalist’, yeah, really, and she has landed a major story about a cop’s murder, but this is a sub-plot to the A plot about her ex-husband bringing her in for skipping bail, which is something that this otherwise law-abiding citizen (not a reference to Butler’s much better work from the previous year!) seems to think is an acceptable thing to do.

Do normal people risk lengthy jail terms to meet a source and then just ignore a court appearance? I don’t think so. Then there’s the way that Bulter is portrayed as a laid back action bounty hunter as well as guy how can’t get over his relationship with his ex-wife. But this is a point which is generally explained to us via the supporting cast as EVERY possible opportunity! Then the was the obligatory car chase, which resulted in the bad guy’s car crashing off a highway. Does anyone call the police?

No. Cars continue unabated whilst our two heroes search the wreck in broad daylight without anyone caring! I’m not normally one to pick a plot to pieces like this as I do believe in the suspension of disbelief but seriously, this was just one thing after another talking me out of the movie! It just seem to be more interested doing another version of films such as the hardly successful Mel Gibson/Goldie Horn effort, Bird On A Wire rather than actually making any sense!

The characters just do things that seem to drive the plot forward in which ever direction it wants to at that moment. One minute its the plot of Butler pursuing his ex-wife, then the pair rekindling their relationship, then the murder plot, then the other plot where he is being pursued by his bookie who he owes $11,000 to! It just makes this shit up as it goes!

I’ve not been this put out by a by a film in ages. This is the sort of screenplay that you would expect from a teenager, and one who needs to be told that writing is for them, not something that should have ended up in a multiplex. And I don’t know what was going with this cast, but their performances were nothing short of terrible! This film was all over the place and could easily be sent back to 1985 to appear as a plot in any prime-time TV show of the day. It’s THAT BAD!

AVOID! Your time is TOO precious to waste here…

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