DIRECTOR: Randal Kleiser

May Contain Spoilers!

Grease was originally released in the U.K. on the 14th September 1978, just four days before I was born (34 years ago today!). I have already selected Grease as my first Film Of The Year, for 1978. Also, a DVD edition was also released in 2006, entitled “Rockin’ Rydell Edition” on my 28th birthday, so I feel that today is defiantly the perfect day to touch on this classic.

Grease is a timeless musical classic, adapted from the 1971 stage version, which helped make John Travolta and in some circles, Olivia Newton-John stars of the day, though Travolta’s fame would be short-lived until his return in 1996 with John Woo’s, Broken Arrow. I find it difficult to review musicals or straight romances like this, which actually work, because there’s little to actually say.

This was great; the characters worked; the setting and tone were pitch perfect and the musical numbers were up there with routines from greats such as Singin’ In The Rain. There’s a feel good factor here too, not uncommon for high school movies of the 70’s, but there’s just a great cohesion of styles, whether it be the 1950’s setting, or the 1970’s production values as well as the need to sell popcorn to its young audience.

For its PG rating, the innuendo was pushed to the limit and there’s a whole host of memorable scenes, moments and songs and this film which has risen to the top as one the best musicals of all time, both in my opinion and that of the movie going public.

Highly recommended.

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