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After the usual consideration, I have decided to award my “coveted” film of the month (though I doubt anybody actually cares) spot to Brain De Palma’s The Untouchables (1987). It wasn’t the highest scorer of the month, with 9/10, with that honour shared between to both Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) and The Matrix (1999).

True Grit (2010) was also a fantastic watch, but I am trying to avoid selecting new films which have made an impact on me every month, in favour of a more diverse list, so no True Grit, even tough it has left an impression on September, without a doubt.

Star Trek VI was my first choice, and I do love this film, but I feel that The Untouchables was a more artistic and cinematic work, as well as a lot of love I feel towards Star Trek VI is rooted in my love of Trek as a whole. Then there was The Matrix. But I must confess that I broke one of my cardinal rules with this review as I didn’t watch it before I reviewed it, as I selected this for my friend, CeeQue’s birthday on the 24th.

So I didn’t feel that it was fair to select a film which was only posted this month because I wanted write something for a friend. If I had seen it, then it may well have been the winner, but we’ll never know.

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