Where did nEoFILM begin?

November 2009, when I finally began working on this project, the aim was to create a virtual outlet for my interest in movies and to record my personal views on film. It was not meant to be a publicised film blog to rival other more prolific publications. But in the three years since then, I have a gained a strong and reliable readership with an average of 300 hits a day.

Ever since I joined the internet community back in 2000, I have been trying to enter the world of film criticism, but have never found a comfortable outlet, but in 2007, two things happened which would lead to nEoFILM’s creation. The first, was discovering WordPress and setting up my first blog, simply nEoPOL Photo Blog, as an outlet for my other creative passion, you guessed it, photography.

The second was joining Facebook and in turn discovering Flixter. Flixter has since lost its appeal for me but at the time, it was a simple way of reviewing films and publishing them on Facebook. By 2009, I simply wanted to back up my reviews on my own blog, as a diary as it were and that’s why, in November of that year, nEoFILM was born.

The future?

As time has gone on, my blog has grown in size, ambition and detail and is a complete yet ongoing journal of my interest in films, focusing primarily on reviews and articles, but also on my DVD/Blu-ray collection, viewing habits and statistics. All of that is personal and is representative of my collection, a public but personal journal as it were. But the Reviews and Articles are written for a broad audience and are meant for public concumption and comment.

The Top Rated page was added in January 2011 and focuses on the 10/10 films in my collected reviews and at this time, there are only 60, out of almost 450 reviews which have scored full marks. This accompanies the Top Ten page, which featured my ten favourite films of the time, but not nesserily my critical top ten, but my favoured top ten. And this is fluid, chinging with my tastes.

Some time ago changed the way that I mark films, still out of ten but now expressed in Candles rather than stars of numbers. Why? well, why not? I bet no-one else is using candles…

Also at the bottom of each review are a couple of logos. These denote who I have watdched teh film, when it be on TV, with an image of a Television, DVD, Blu-ray etc… and what sound sytem was used. This is again my inner geek clawing its way out!

My aim for future are to publish a constant and reliable stream of reviews, at the rate of three a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday for the forseeable future, and have already produced material well into the January 2013. Also, last year I was invited to join bloggers on another movie blog, My Movie Fiend and republish a selection of my reviews there as regluarly as possible. Thanks to Nicholas Dry for the invite.

December 12th sees the launch of my first attempt at a themed selection of reviews. The nEoFILM Christmas Film Festival will focus solely on Christmas film reviews up until Christmas Day, with the exclusion of all else.

Thank you

I have been a film fanatic since I was a little boy. I can remember arguing with my dad against widescreen and a 6-year-old boy, experimenting with Cine projectors, the effect that films such as Jurassic Park had on me as a 14-year-old, building a widescreen video collection at a time before the internet and when they damn rare. Making the move to Laserdisc and again to DVD. I have had a decent disposable income when I built my DVD and home cinema system up, realised my dream of a digital projector to eventually building a family and having to maintain my collection with almost no money! Cinema trips are hard to do but are still managed and second hand DVD’s are my main avenue these days, with Blu-ray’s reserved for the best and 3D. But like any true fan, you will always find a way to get your fix and I am as happy as ever making the best of what we’ve got and proving that it’s not all about the money or Hi Def.

Well, thank you ALL so much for 3 years of support and helping this blog grow, a blog with over 450 reviews, over 50 articles and personal journal of a film buff at his most geeky!

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