558922_10151316065090808_546586478_nThursday (06/12/12) saw the release of the first Teaser for next year’s Star Trek Into Darkness. As a devout Star Trek fanboy, the 2009 Reboot left me a little disappointed as the tone was light, the set design wasn’t up to much and ultimately, even though in many ways, Abrams got it right and reinvented Trek for new audience, he missed the mark when it came to the truth behind the long-lasting franchise.

But I must admit that in the three years since then, I’ve come around to the simple fun and flamboyant excitement of seeing Star Trek re-imagined on such a cinematic scale. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982) is still the highest of high water marks of Star Trek history and certainly in its cinematic history, but upon seeing this new trailer and the teaser poster a few day earlier, this is looking more like it.

The poster has a dark tone to it, evoking images  similar to The Dark Knight Rises (2012) poster art work which clearly inspired it, but then the trailer arrived with action and dark, melodramatic undertones, in other words, Star Trek at it’s very best. But the big question is who is Benedict Cumberbatch playing?

The trailer has already been dissected my millions but my money is NOT on Khan, though there are several visual cues to suggest that it would be a remake of the greatest Trek film, The Wrath Of Khan, but in fact I believe that it is Gary Mitchell (Gary Lockwood) from one of the best classic episode and the series’ second pilot, “Where No Man Has Gone Before”, in which Mitchell, Kirk’s best friend, is given supernatural powers as he E.S.P. rating is increased and he becomes pseudo god, forcing Kirk (William Shatner) to kill him in the finale.

Mitchell was a character which I was hoping for in the first film as it was established that the pair had come up through the Academy together but it was not to be. Cumberbatch is seen in the trailer as a massively powerful man, who is also wearing a Starfleet uniform in one shot and the part of Eve Pope, who is rumoured to be both Kirk’s love interest and Yoman Rand, a regular character who was written out in the first season in 1966/67, is in fact Dr. Elizibeth Dehner, who she bears a striking resemblance too.

But the biggest revelation is the scene at the end of the Japanese Trailer (Below) in which it appears that Kirk (Chris Pine) and Spock are touching hands through a glass screen in a gesture which mirrors the tragic ending of Star Trek II. Is this the end of Spock (Zachary Quinto), ALREADY? Or is it Kirk? Or is the whole thing just a red herring? Either way, it’s a titillating trailer for a movie which hits the screens in both 2D & 3D on 17th May 2013.

Cumberbatch is a great British actor and already looks the part as the film’s super-villain and he may yet be playing a new character, but with his controversy, the shot of Spock’s potential death and Starships slamming into the sea, this is the pay off which I have been waiting for since the disappointment of Star Trek (2009). But that’s not to say that this is going to work, but the first film has already grown on me since my first viewing, so either way, it’s Star Trek, I’m going to see it and so far, it looks amazing!

So far, so good…


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