DIRECTOR: Brian Henson

May Contain Spoilers!

The Muppets have always been a strangely compelling creation. Taken seriously as personalities by their creators and fans alike, Kurmet and Miss Piggy are as timeless as Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck, whilst  managing to maintain their characters over the time without them becoming diminished of tamed, as with the Looney Tunes characters.

The 90’s saw a revival of the franchise in the form of movies, such as this and The Muppet Treasure Island and the short lived TV series rehash. There’s no doubt of the success of these films, though the series left a lot to be desired, but to me, it just doesn’t do it. Scrooge of played admirably by Michael Caine, and in turn it is he who drives the script, with a lot of help for our Muppets.

But with these classic stories being retold in Muppet form, the characters that are the Muppets are subdued and it’s this that works for me normally, and something which has been lost here. This is a decent enough family Christmas film, the kids will love it and it filled with Christmas cheer and a very festive atmosphere but it just falls short for me, and leaves me a little cold. Appropriate fro the time time of year though.


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