DIRECTOR: Ron Howard

May Contain Spoilers!

It all started with The Mask (1994) and Dumb And Dumber (1994) for Jim Carey. The Cable Guy (1996) almost derailed his career and hits such as Liar Liar (1997) and The Truman Show (1998) put him right back on top. But here we have The Grinch, and he plays the part brilliantly. There’s no doubting Carey’s comedic performances and he will always deliver something outrageous if not always funny.

Here. he takes on the roll of one of America’s most notable Christmas characters, Doctor’s Seuss’ The Grinch, as the green, deviant of Whoville who ends up living in exile in the mountains over the town, trying to ruin Christmas for the festive-centric inhabitants. But, as he tries to steal Christmas, will he come to understand what the holiday is all about?

Well, we’ll leave somethings up in the air, but this was an acceptable version of the story, who’s only really handicap being that it is a live action film. The make up effects will always fall short of any animated affair and in many ways, I prefer the Who’s from Horton Hears A Who (2009), another foray in to the imagination Seuss for Carey, which was of course a Digimation rather than a live action film. The film is very staged and I feel that this lets it down a bit but on the other hand, it does feel very festive, its colorful and again, I feel that this is a successful Christmas film on that basis.

It’s predictability, coupled with Carey’s anarchic comedy makes for a simple and yet entertaining 90 minutes, and one which the kids will enjoy as much the child inside you.


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