DIRECTOR: Jeannot Szwarc

May Contain Spoilers!

I can remember this coming out in 1985, The Santa Clause (1994) as it were of the 80’s. It’s not amazing, but it’s a serviceable festive treat. Santa Claus is given a plausible back story and evolves nicely into the character which all grew up with and love.

But I feel that this is supposed to be a Dudley Moore vehicle. Tosh! If anyone was to steal the show from Santa, it would have to be the wonderful, John Lithgow, as quite rightly, as he plays the villainous toy manufacturer,  B.Z. who takes what was becoming a paint by numbers affair and gave it some life. Flamboyant and over the top, Lithgow adds a sense of pantomime villainy which actually gives us something and someone to root for. And what does it say about this movie, that the title character, one of the most iconic in modern western culture, should be relegated to third billing, and we thought that Tim Burton’s Batman (1989) was bad, with Michael Keaton following Jack Nicholson.

More of a classic that many would give it credit for, but hardly Miracle On 34th Street (1947), but is a film which feels like Christmas to kids of today and a reminder of Christmas Eve for us children of then 1980’s.

Merry Christmas and all the very best for the holidays, where ever you’re reading this from.



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