DIRECTOR: Seth Gordon


May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Four Christmases: For wacky families and two selfish lovers. The recipe for a Christmas classic? I don’t think so. Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn are too professionals who, each year, avoid seeing their respective families and go on holiday abroad. But when bad weather cancels their flight to Fiji, they are caught out by a TV news team who put them on the air. This results in their families seeing them and they must spend the next day, Christmas Day travelling to all four of their family’s homes.

For a start, this is a LONG day. Their first stop is Vaughn’s father, Robert Duval, who is just HORRIBLE. Not his acting, but his character who spends all of his screen time demeaning his son. Next up is Witherspoon’s mother, Mary Steenburgen, who is an evangelist. This spawns one of the film funniest moments as the couple are spontaneously cast in the church’s production  of the nativity and Vaughn literally steals the show.

On to his mother, Sissy Spacek, who has run off with Vaughn’s best friend who is obviously no longer his friend, as his peer attempts to play stepfather. This is also one of the funnier segments as well as one of the most predictable as the couple discover that they know less about each other that they thought.

And finally, we end with Jon Voight as her father. Boring and wise, he nicely douse any comedy atmosphere which has being building so far, as does the couple who break up over the fact that she has suddenly decided that she wants a family! Like I said, one hell of a LONG day! They should really be breaking up because if it’s that easy to end, then they had nothing to start with in the first place!

Four Christmases is actually better that it first sounds. It initially comes across as a commercial project, with big name, old school stars taking on the roles of the parents as the younger, more bankable stars take a tour of American family values on Christmas Day. Well, yeah, we get plenty of that but in the process there are a few good laughs but nowhere near as many as there should have been. Vaughn’s humour is an acquired taste and I’m only so so on it but the Nativity scene and his reaction to the creepy set up with his mother and his so-called best friend, are high points.

NOT a Christmas classic but an okay film to watch during the festive season, between Scrooge and It’s A Wonderful Life!


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