It’s not really my style to post and outright political comment on this blog. Normally I will use a politically based film to do so but yesterday afternoon, I learned, as many did, that the retail arm of is closing down. It has been damaged by the UK Coalition Government’s ever greedy taxation policies, closing a loophole which meant that the off shore island of Jersey was able to send items under the value of £15 without charging V.A.T. (The Low Value Consignment Relief (LVCR)

This isn’t a large corporation avoiding tax, this was a company, like who made their name undercutting the high street,which often inflated their prices anyway. The debate will rage about that, but the customer is always right, supposedly. Well, and passed those saving on to the consumer and now thanks to this draconian attack on yet another tax break in a country which is reputedly one of the highest taxed countries in the Europe, we, the consumer lose out yet again. may still be with us and I presume that’s due to in no small part to their diversified product lines and The Kindle, but waited too long to do this. So, not only have we lost out, so have the 200 strong work for, with over 140 of them being warehouse operatives, hardly deserving of this New Year “treat”.

It’s a long fall for the company, which was originally set up in 1998 and was the winner several awards, including this one, in 2006. READ MORE.

My relationship with Play begin in 2002, whilst originally skeptical of the concept of the “Online Store”, when the high street seemed to good enough, I was soon sold on their great, fast and reliable service, let alone their competitive pricing.

You will be missed This is an end of an era for me, anyway.

N.B. This post relates mainly to my readers in the United Kingdom.

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