DIRECTOR: Eric Rogers

May Contain Spoilers!

The Carry On films are both family and bawdy, but somehow, this titillating humour has worked its way into the hearts the supposedly uptight British public. Though the Carry Doctor series may be the most well-known, it’s this and Carry On Up The Khyber (1969) which rank (pardon the pun as Rank Organisation released these films) at two of the best, tough personally I would say that they are the best. Carry On Cleo is a brilliant blend of puns, word play and bawdy humour, acted out by the cream de la cream of the Carry On team, with Sid James as Marc Anthony and Kenneth Williams almost perfectly cast as Julius Caesar.

Marcus Et Spencious sell slaves, as they haggle endlessly over the quality and use as you would over pound of apples or a betting slip! The comedy is broad but well pitched, seemingly making sense. The world is hyper real rather than factual, as many of the jokes do have some historical context, as well a drawing from Shakespeare and the 1960’s Epics, such Cleopatra (1963). Still funny, mainly because it transcends the Carry On genre and falls into the bracket of being a straight up comedy film as well as part of a larger and beloved franchise.

One not to be missed!

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