May Contain Spoilers!

Will we be adding this to our collection? NO

Controversial, but not as much as its sequel, The Human Centipede 2: Full Sequence (2012), which is now threatening changed the BBFC’s policy of classification of a such vile material, The Human Centipede certainly made an impression on the cinema of 2010. Body horror always pushes the boundaries of taste and this, which claims to be “100% medically accurate” is a grotesque buts fascinating concept, in which a made German scientist, Dr. Hieter (Dieter Laser) plans to create a human centipede out of the three poor victims. In the end, it’s two young female New York students who stumble on his house after a flat tyre on their vacation and a Japanese lad, all who end up forming components of the infamous Centipede.

The performances are not bad, with the three younger actors playing the roles of frightened victims well, but not so much when they are just playing themselves, but the award for over the top Nazi doctor goes to Laser for hamming it up. But it works. But what was going with the two cops which turn up towards the end to save the day…? They looked like European porn-stars and it was times like this that I wondered was this supposed to be a horror classic or a satire? But satirising what exactly?

The whole film seemed to be a bit pointless at times but I suppose that the point was simply to shock and for those with a weak stomach, I’m sure it will. Saying that, the surgical side was nasty, as was the concept on the whole. It was quite effective but toned down by some of the campness which accompanied its shocking subject.

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