neopol film banner 2013 work whiteIn the style of Memento (2000) (backwards), I will be taking a look at nEoFILM throughout 2012, listing the highlights of the year as the blog reviewed or commented on the year’s events.

  • THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY 9/10 The last review of 2012 and rating an almost excellent  9/10, the review for opening chapters of The Hobbit, which I saw just before Christmas, was held back until after the Christmas Film Festival.
  • THE nEoFILM CHRISTMAS FILM FESTIVAL 2012: I thought I’d try something new. Having dabbled with themes and clusters of related reviews before, I created the most pronounced version of this idea over the festive period.
  • 450TH REVIEW ~ CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND 9/10 An undisputed classic and one of Spielberg’s finest films, this was a great choice to land on the milestone.
  • END OF THE TWILIGHT SAGA. It was great whilst it lasted but thanks for the memories and I will no doubt have to “enjoy” these on Blu-ray for years to come.
  • Fantastic_Four_1994_PosterTHE FANTASTIC FOUR (UNRELEASED) 5/10 The unreleased 1994 The Fantastic Four from producer Roger Corman was the first review of its kind. Reviewing a film which was never released and finding it to effectively be on par with the theatrically released version which was produced 11 years later and on a massive budget, was a pleasant surprise.
  • 21 JUMP STREET 9/10 ~ BEST COMEDY IN YEARS What a pleasant surprise and step in the right direction for star Channing Tatum who is clearly best cast in comedic roles. And let’s not get started on this film’s cameos…
  • star_wars_logoSTAR WARS IS BACK! DISNEY & RAPING OF STAR WARS BY GEORGE LUCAS. The year began and ended with Star Wars. Following Star Wars’ release on Blu-ray which I watched last Christmas, I vented my anger at Lucas for yet again making MORE changes to his classic trilogy but by the end of the year, we could see the light as Disney bought Lucasfilm and announced a NEW trilogy starting with Episode VII in 2015.
  • cinerama logoTHIS IS CINERAMACINERAMA @ 60: 2012 saw the 60th Anniversary of the failed but ambitious widescreen process, Cinerama. Finally, after years of waiting, independent distributor, Flicker Alley released the first film to use the process, This Is Cinerama (1952) and one which was adapted to it, Windjammer: The Voyage Of The Christian Radich.
  • HULK 10/10 On the day that my little girl was due, though she ended up being born two days later, the last 10 Candle film of 2012 was reviewed. But my favourable review of Ang Lee’s Hulk (2003) provoked less than favourable responses from readers, who have rated the post 2.5/5. So, all in all a positive review and one which I’m glad holds the position of the being the last 10/10 review of the year.
  • avengers_ver14_xlgTHE AVENGERS 3D 8/10 was one of the most pleasant surprises of the year. Because I didn’t really fancy this as much as everybody else, I missed it at the cinema, but in September, the culmination of years of planning came to fruition. The Avengers are now Assembled and what a warranted success it was!
  • THE UNTOUCHABLES 9/10 was the film of the month for September, beating some stiff competition, but this classic gangster film is timeless and (literally)bloody good to boot!
  • THE HUNGER GAMES 9/10 has begun the succession franchise to Twilight franchise and it’s already leagues beyond  it.
  • star_trek_ii_the_wrath_of_khan_xlgSTAR TREK @ 46 It might not be the 45th or 50th Anniversary of the classic TV and Movie franchise but 46 years is still a good run. With Star Trek Into Darkness released this summer, Star Trek in one way or another is still going strong. It was also the 30th Anniversary of Star Trek II too…
  • MOON 10/10 With Duncan Jones’ Source Code failing to impress me as I had hoped, Moon (2009) seemed to be a difficult proposition. Boy was I wrong! Moon is the perfect blend of old school sci-fi method and new methodologies. Tonally it feels greater and is supported by some stand out performances from Sam Rockwell and Kevin Spacey.

Well, that takes us up to August with our round-up of the highlights of 2012 on nEoFILM so stay tuned for Part 2…

To be continued…

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