DIRECTOR: George Miller

May Contain Spoilers!

This is where Mel Gibson cut his teeth. Right here, at the heart of the low-budget Australian film industries most famous road movie, Mad Max. Gibson, as the titular character is a cop in a strange and slightly futuristic world in which a gang of bikers cause deadly trouble in the semi-out back.

The violence is brutal, the performances are hammy and Mel Gibson is a long way off from being the A-lister which would become in the years which followed, but there’s something charming about this effort. It’s cheap as chips and seemingly proud of it, but the driving scenes are pretty good considering the film, whilst lacking any real flare is at times, is solid. Miller films the action with little gusto but it’s still there and it represented quite effectively.

But, as the title suggest, Max goes mad with grief over the murder of his family though be it in the last 15 minutes and there is some decent pay off, especially the final scene in which the last bad guy is given to choice to either cut his leg off of be blown up!

A good start for Mel Gibson, an interesting and lasting foray in to the infamous low-budget Australian film industry and still distastefully shocking at times, though Brian May’s (Not Queen’s Brian May) score is over the top, over used and intrusive throughout, seemingly unaware of the tone of the movie.

On another note, would you believe that George Miller went on to direct Happy Feet (2006)? Seriously?

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