starwars3d News is breaking that the planned re-releases of Basterisation of the Star Wars franchise in three dimensions (3D) has been put on hold, so that Lucasfilm, now under the control of Disney rather than the cynical George Lucas, can focus 100% on the 2015 Star Wars sequel, working under the title of Episode VII.

This is good news but a little late since one of the six films has already post converted and released to mix reviews in 2011. Will we ever see Episode I in 3D on Blu-ray? Or is the plan to release the prequel trilogy or even the entire saga straight to Blu-ray 3D? Who knows, but it’s nice to see that Disney are focusing more on producing original Star Wars material rather than Lucas, who seemed to be content in wringing as much money out of his existing properties as humanly possible.


3D, an interesting if not flawed fad that it may be, is not the prerequisite of film-making but if studios feel the overwhelming need to produce their summer blockbusters in the format, so be it but do we need to see another classic, or otherwise in the case of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace, post-converted or “Upgraded” as some may see it, into a format which it was never intended, therefore not properly composed with inappropriate cinematography?

Star Wars 3D cheapened the franchise even more than Lucas’ ill-conceived prequels but we can only pray that with Disney’s takeover of Lucasfilm, we have A New Hope in continuing the saga with dignity, creativity as well as profitability, making everyone happy.

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