argo_xlgAs Stephen Fry took to the podium to host the 2013 award ceremony, he was  a breath of fresh air and at times, even  turned it a little blue, as he flirted with George Clooney and exchanged barbs with Billy Connolly. So, the obvious awards were dished out to Daniel Day-Lewis for Lincoln, Anne Hathaway for Les MisérablesQuentin Tarratino’s collaborator Christoph Waltz for his role in Django Unchained and the surprise of the night, Emmanuelle Riva for Michael Haneke’s Amour.

Best Director was taken by Ben Afleck and his film took Best Film to book. Well deserved and quite a turnaround from his career woes of the 2000’s. Argo, out on DVD/Blu-ray in march is hot on my watch list. Life Of Pi (Ang Lee) was up for a host of major awards, and won Best Special Effects over The Dark Knight Rises, that film’s ONLY nomination, which I still feel is wrong.


Though Life Of Pi’s effects are impressive, there’s something to be said for the practical of approach of Christopher Nolan and his team, who’s set pieces are more than likely to be physical rather than solely CGI. But creating a convincing computer generated tiger is something to be proud of.

But Skyfall (Sam Mendes) has to be the star of the night, winning Outstanding British Picture, which is basically the “Not in contention for best Film but it’s our game” award. I still haven’t seen Skyfall yet and it’s out on DVD/Blu-ray on Monday (18th February 2013) so I hope that it lives up to its reputation and its credentials. It is also the record holder as the largest grossing film in Britain of all time.

So, just 2 weeks to go to the finale, the Academy Awards are almost upon us and the big question is Will Argo manage a clean sweep…?

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