top_gun_ver3February 8th 2013 saw the 3D re-release of Tony Scott’s first and most celebrated work, though I doubt that I’m on my own by saying that Man On Fire (2003) was his best film. But Top Gun (1986) was a triumph of 80’s cinema. Brash and vulgar, smart and sweeping, this was as important a movie to the 1980’s and the action genre and Casablanca (1943) was the 40’s and Film Noir. Instantly recognisable  a true classic with clichés and tropes paraded out on cue, but this was the template for how to pull this kind of movie off.

But does it need to be re-released in 3D? Absolutely NOT. The late Tony Scott was working on this project at the time that he took his own life last August and I would hate to berate his choices, many of which I love, but his work on Top Gun was completed back in 1986 as far as I’m concerned. Top Gun looked and still looks great. The areal footage, a combination of real and model photography still stands up today and why try to improve this by adding the thee dimensional gimmick?

The IMAX remastering, I can understand and this format would seem to cry out for films like Top Gun, as aerial photography has been at home in the massive screen theatres for decades, The Magic Of Flight (1996) being a prime example, but 3D would only serves to leave audiences disappointed by how ineffective it would be on a film of this age. The run is limited to just 6 days in the U.S. and still no word on a U.K. release but the real motivator here is Blu-ray 3D and advancement of the flagging 3D balloon which is bursting as we speak. Good luck to them but I personally feel that this project is a gross waste of time and money and cheapens the very work that is celebrates.

Stop colorisation and stop 3D post-conversions!


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