DIRECTOR: Len Wiseman

May Contain Spoilers!

12 years after the last installment, Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995) and 19 years after the Nakatomi Plaza incident and the original Die Hard (1988), Bruce Willis is back in action. But the world had changed considerably in that time, as 9/11 had put a stop to the New York destruction which was commonplace in Hollywood movies but had also given rise to a new perception of terrorism, which is certainly at the heart of the Die Hard franchise.

This time, it’s cyber terror, or a cyber heist purporting to be terrorism as Washington D.C. is shut down by a “Firesale”, hacker lingo for the internet and communication systems being shut down. The city is brought to a stand still, leaving John McClane (Willis) and hacker Matt Farrell (Justin Long) to save the day, as Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant), an ex-government programmer, is trying to steal millions from the unsuspecting city, which has been brought to a stand still after the attack.

But this isn’t just a cyber based attack, these aren’t just Geeks, they’re harden mercenaries and killers, leaving McClane to do his thing whilst Long can do his. It’s the beginning of the Geek-sheik era and on reflection, Die Hard 4.0 is a little better than I first gave it credit.

The Die Hard franchise at this point, has been blessed with great and complex scripts, in which the characters can flourish but this isn’t on par with any of the preceding films. But it’s still got some of the humour which has gone before and even though the action had been updated, there’s still some of the charm but not as much. This is one of the problems for me but it is unavoidable for a sequel which was made so many years later, ion ten action just seems to be out-of-place. To much CGI and not enough dying hard.

Slightly topical and amusing but this in not the Die Hard franchise which I’ve known but as an action spectacle it’s quite adequate. But it’s probably time to leave this franchise well alone. But I suppose that today, a good day to die-hard, that point is now moot.

A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD (2013) is out in U.K. cinemas, today!

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